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The Most Important Room in the House- Kitchen Professionals

Looking for one last nook or cranny for your dishes? Have you found yourself in your kitchen desperately needing more space for cooking? These are some typical signs that it may be time for a new kitchen. The Most Important Room in the House. Here is a list of signs that you may need to remodel your kitchen. 

Counter Top Space

Are you constantly looking for some space to do prep work in your kitchen? Has your kitchen island become the family’s mail room? Sometimes rearranging your appliances more efficiently can open up some counter-top space. However, if this is the case, you may want to consider removing walls to create a great room that contains your kitchen, living room, and dining room. Opening walls also gives you creative options to create a kitchen island.

Outdated Appliances

Are your appliances the same as they were when the house was first built? This could be a very noticeable sign that your kitchen is starting to show its age, but more importantly could be costing you more money than you might think. Recent advances in Green Technology have created a demand for energy efficient appliances that can save you time and money.

Kitchen Flow

You may be aware of the kitchen triangle (the distance between your stove, refrigerator, and sink). However, once again sometimes the minimum isn’t enough, especially if there is more than one cook in the house. To create multiple cooking stations you can easily add a prep sink to create another work station. A well laid out plan should separate the cooking areas from the gathering areas of the home where guests and family socialise.

Outdated Cabinets 

If you’re living in a home built during the 1970’s or earlier, it probably goes without saying that you are constantly reminded it’s time for a kitchen remodel. Replacing cabinets usually means a complete kitchen remodel all round.


Older, incandescent light fixtures can give off ugly light and worse, cost you money. Recent “Green” trends in technology have created a high demand for energy efficient light bulbs. The best advancements in energy efficient lighting is the LED light. LED lights are a great choice for any room in your home and can help update the feel of your kitchen.

Kitchen Location

If your kitchen is feeling like a dark closet tucked away in your room, you might want to consider opening the kitchen up. Linear kitchens are the ‘in’ thing these days, and you can see why. Straight lines, minimalist looks, cooking efficiencies.

Best Time for Kitchen remodelling

Recent economic trends have lowered the cost in some areas of the remodelling industry. Companies that have stayed healthy over the last 3-4 years have probably done so through excellent customer service. In addition, many remodelling companies have become efficient in 3-D design. 3D design has become a game changer for the remodelling companies and home owners. It allows companies to put together accurate estimates so tat you know exactly where your money is being spent.

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