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Kitchen Design

Do you know what is the most difficult feature of a newly designed kitchen? Apart from the clever and creative designing? The positioning of the The Microwave and the Shelf. This is an appliance that sometimes confounds those of us who never really had a place specifically designed for it.

One of the good things about a microwave when you compare it to other appliances, is that they come in a wide range of sizes. You have the choice then of building it into a cabinet or for a counter-top model, you just put it on a shelf.

Common sense tells you that you should put the microwave near the refrigerator as you usually take something from the fridge and place it into the microwave to defrost, or zap to eat.

Bench or Cabinet?

One bad thing about a microwave is the extra depth you need to install it, so positioning it at bench height for easy access is a bit of a pain. You can get some microwaves that have trim kits so they can be built into a cabinet, but many do not. Placing the microwave on the bench top takes up a lot of space and doesn’t look all that comfortable.

Oven type Microwaves

That you-beaut oven type microwave serves its purpose but there are some negatives to this model even though it is at least off the kitchen bench. The venting on these oven microwaves are somewhat ineffective and accessing them can be unsafe with food possibly cooking in pots below.

But, after considering all this, there is a solution!

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