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Winter is coming and that means daylight saving is done and dusted, and the days are getting shorter, and quickly. You get the genuine feeling of the length of a day and the onset of another season when early mornings in the kitchen are dark and the late afternoons when you get home from work the kitchen feels like early evening. It makes you think about natural daylight. Let There be Light!

Lighten up

Can the kitchen be changed around to compensate for this loss of light over the next 5 months? Here’s a few things you might try.

Do you believe that windows are a direct connection to spiritual well-being?

And, the bigger the window, the better.

Window Treatments

Whether you have curtains or venetian blinds, remove them completely to allow more natural light into your kitchen. Yes, remove even the valance at the top if you have one. It will make a marked difference. If you want some cover over the windows, select a sheer white fabric. You get better light reflection into the kitchen if you change any of the textured or brightly coloured fabric for white. It adds a clean spacious look to the room.


One of the hardest but most satisfying jobs to do is a good, sensible declutter. A season change is as good a reason as any to work out what you need and what can be tossed. Pay close attention to bench tops and open shelving in the kitchen. The tip is to do one small section at a time, slowly, so you can see what items can be moved out of view, and what items can be completely removed.

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